We Want To Change The World One Stitch At a Time.

“Batiz Jewelry represents my love for design, textiles, my country of origin and most of all my love for Humanity and the belief that we can change the world by helping one person”

Sofia Batiz 

Textile Jewelry Hand Embroidered by Tarahumara Women

One of a kind jewelry pieces that fuse design with tradition by organic forms filled with texture and color. Every piece represents a Woman, a Family and a community.

We partner with Cedain, a fair trade organization that provides self development programs that improve the lives of Tarahumaras. Also called Raramuris, they are an indigenous group that lives deep in the mountains of Chihuahua Mexico, they respect their land and all they wish for is to survive from it. They struggle to survive because of mining, deforestation and many other factors that keeps them from improving their communities.The Tarahumaras are considered one of the poorest people in Mexico.

 Rarámuri, means “runners on foot” or “those who run fast” in their native language. They are known for long distance running up to 200 miles in one session. Really strong and amazing people that all they want is to share the little they have and coexist in peace with their land and environment.

We can help by giving them a chance and an opportunity to work and excel in what they do best, their crafts.